How Boris Nemtsov was killed. Complete chronology of calls and movements, connection with Kadyrov’s close associates and new members of the group

Six years ago, on February 27, 2015, the politician Boris Nemtsov was killed on the Bolshoi Moskvoretsky Bridge. MediaZona and Scanner Project gained access to the full billing data that the UK requested during the investigation. Thanks to this data, as well as the analysis of video recordings and information about air travel, we were able to fill the gaps in the investigators’ view of the events and restore the picture of the preparation of the murder and the flight of the group of murderers from Moscow.

Nemtsov has been followed since at least October 2014, but we chose the morning of February 26 as our starting point: on that day, the last accomplice in the murder flew in from Grozny.

The chronology not only showed a direct connection with the crime of several people who were not convicted, although their names were known, but also helped to identify and name several more possible accomplices.

Here are the most significant findings:

– We already wrote that the killers communicated with Aslanbek Khatayev, formally a policeman from Chechnya. The chronology shows that he was an active member of the group.

– On the day of the murder, Khatayev and Ruslan Geremeev, another key member of the group, called and received calls from Senator Suleiman Geremeev and State Duma deputy Adam Delimkhanov, one of Ramzan Kadyrov’s closest associates. They also received calls from their assistants. Calls continued after the murder, in particular, during the days of the evacuation of part of the group.

– Part of the group is closely connected with the Shelkovskoy Regional Department of Internal Affairs (ROVD) in Chechnya – five of them turned out to be its employees. On the day of the murder, Khalid Utsimiev, another police officer from this department (and Khatayev’s official boss), flew to Moscow.

– It is possible that Ruslan Mukhudinov, who the investigation called the organizer of the murder, booked tickets to Grozny an hour before the murder, while Nemtsov was still alive. Khatayev also bought tickets the next day.

– From the sequence of calls, one can assume the hierarchy in this group – from ordinary participants to high-ranking officials from Chechnya.

Illustration: Victoria Stebleva/MediaZona

6:53 February 26, 2015

Senator’s nephew wakes up on Veernaya Street

Ruslan Geremeev wakes up in apartment 11 on 46 Veernaya Street. This room is the headquarters of the group, Geremeev has been living in it for a month and a half.

Geremeev is an active Chechen security official, major of the Internal Troops, since 2006 he has been serving in the “Sever” battalion. Formally, it’s a division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but it responds directly to Ramzan Kadyrov.

He is a representative of the influential Geremeev family, which is related to the Delimkhanov family. Suleiman Geremeev, Ruslan’s uncle, is a Senator of the Federation Council. He entered the Senate in February 2010, immediately after he was interrogated by investigator Nikolai Tutevich in the framework of the criminal case on the murder of Hero of Russia and State Duma deputy Ruslan Yamadaev, who was shot in 2008 in the center of Moscow.

Ruslan’s other uncle, Vakha Geremeev, headed the Shelkovskoy district police department of Chechnya until January 2017, and later became an assistant to the head of the Chechen Republic. His place as the head of the Shelkovskoy ROVD was taken by Ruslan’s brother, Rustam Geremeev. Another uncle, Vakhit Geremeev, was the deputy minister of construction in Chechnya, and later headed the administration of the Shelkovskoy district.

As an officer of the “Sever” battalion, Ruslan Geremeev performed delicate tasks: for example, he took care of the Chechen footballers who played in the Jerusalem football club Beitar. Geremeev has been in Moscow on an official business trip since December 2014.

After the murder, the investigators considered Ruslan Geremeev as a possible accomplice, but did not dare to bring charges against him or put him on the wanted list – he wasn’t even questioned as a witness.

9:28 February 26, 2015

Still in the same apartment on 46 Veernaya Street [the group had a second apartment in house No. 3 on the same street] Ruslan Geremeev calls Beslan Shavanov. He had just arrived at the Grozny airport. They called up the night before, around midnight: judging by billing data, this was their first call, before that Shavanov had only talked with Zaur Dadaev and Artur Geremeev.

Beslan Shavanov is a Chechen police officer, he has served in the “Oil Regiment” [the non-departmental guard regiment that is also subordinate to the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov] since 2008.

After that, Ruslan Geremeev tries to get through to Zaur Dadaev.

Zaur Dadaev is a soldier of the “Sever” battalion. He has been in Moscow since October 2014: he follows Nemtsov in a specially purchased ZAZ Chance car. Dadaev also lives on Veernaya Street, but in a different house. According to the investigation, it was he who would shoot Nemtsov.

9:29 February 26, 2015

Having not reached Dadaev, Ruslan Geremeev dials his relative, Artur Geremeev.

Artur is another representative of the Geremeev family. [He and Ruslan Geremeev are registered at the same address in the village of Starogladkovskaya in Chechnya, in the same house where “no one opened the door” to investigators when they tried to interrogate both of them.] He is also a police officer, an employee of the Shelkovskoy ROVD. As in the case of Ruslan, the investigation considered him as a member of the group, but did not question him and did not bring charges. Artur communicated with all the participants in the murder, and it was he who formalized the purchase of the apartment on 46 Veernaya Street in December 2014.

In December, after leaving Grozny, Arthur flew to Moscow with Zaur Dadaev – two days after Ruslan Geremeev was officially sent on a business trip to the capital.

9:31 February 26, 2015

The two apartments on Veernaya Street were used by the whole group

Zaur Dadaev spends the night in another apartment on Veernaya Street – in house number 3. After a call from Ruslan Geremeev, he dials Beslan Shavanov, who is still at the Grozny airport several times.

After the conversation, Zaur calls Zareta Tsakaeva – she works in Moscow and deals with the selection of flights and ticket booking. [In the FSB’s operational report on the murder of Nemtsov, she was listed as an employee of the Moscow office of Vainakh-Avia at Vnukovo airport, during interrogation she called herself the cashier of Grozny Avia] 15 minutes later, she calls back and sends a text message.

During the trial of the murderers of Nemtsov, contact to Zareta Tsakayeva was lost, even though she was summoned to the trial to testify.

9:37 February 26, 2015

Three more members of the group are in the apartment with Zaur.

Two of them are Shadid and Anzor Gubashev. Until mid-February, they rarely stayed at Veernaya Street overnight. The brothers live with their friend Khamzat Bakhaev in Kozino near Moscow, where they rent a house. [Khamzat Bakhaev received 11 years as an accomplice in the murder of Nemtsov. His role in this case is controversial: the lawyers of the deceased politician believe that no convincing evidence of his guilt was presented in court.]

The third one is Ruslan Mukhudinov, a native of the village of Starogladkovskaya in the Shelkovskoy district of Chechnya, where the Geremeev family comes from. He came to Moscow from Novy Urengoy anhas been living there for a long time. People in his network of acquaintance are not siloviki, but Chechen intellectuals: teachers, singers and media workers.

After Ruslan Geremeev’s arrival in Moscow in December 2014, Mukhudinov becomes his driver and assistant: for example, he registers the car for himself, participates in buying one apartment and renting another.

Ruslan Mukhudinov is the only one of the accomplices whom the investigation named the organizer of the politician’s murder and put on the wanted list. MediaZona and Scanner Project found fresh photos of a person similar to Ruslan Mukhudinov on the social network pages of his friends. Judging by the pictures, in the summer of 2020 he lived in Chechnya.

10:22 26 February, 2015

Boris Nemtsov begins his day in Zamoskvorechye [Nemtsov lived in house number 3 on Malaya Ordynka.] In recent weeks, deputy of the Yaroslavl Regional Duma and one of the leaders of the Russian opposition has been preparing the “Spring” protest march which is scheduled for March 1.

Politician Alexei Navalny, who was involved in promoting the march together with Nemtsov, was sent to a special detention center for 15 days for distributing leaflets in the subway, so Nemtsov now works for two.

The first call that morning at 10:22 is from the politician’s assistant, she reports on the placement of the advertisements for the march.

10:25 February 26, 2015

Obviously, the negotiations between Zaur Dadaev and Zareta Tsakayeva were successful: tickets are bought, and Beslan Shavanov flies from Grozny to Moscow. [The time of the last billed call roughly coincides with the scheduled takeoff.]

11:20 26 February, 2015

Ruslan Geremeev calls his brother Rustam, an officer of the Shelkovskoy ROVD [At the time of Nemtsov’s murder, it is headed by Vakha Geremeev, Ruslan’s uncle. Rustam will become the head of this ROVD in 2017.]

11:21 26 February, 2015

Boris Nemtsov leaves the house and gets into the car, the driver takes him to “Moskovsky Komsomolets” publishing house.

11:37 26 February, 2015

Nemtsov’s car drives through Novy Arbat, and 15 seconds later ZAZ Chance drives after him [Data from the Potok system.] This car has been constantly standing near Nemtsov’s house for the past few months, it was bought by the group specifically for surveillance.

The journey takes about 20 minutes.

12:06 26 February, 2015

Temirlan Eskerkhanov is located somewhere not far from the “Moskovsky Komsomolets” building and the “Ulitsa 1905 Goda” metro station. This is another member of the group – he is a former Chechen security officer, he also served in Shelkovskoy ROVD, but retired in 2013. In Moscow, Eskerkhanov works as a driver for the co-owner of Duran Bar [Businessman Roman Gurariy.], He is just located nearby [15 Rochdelskaya Street].

Based on billing data, one can only approximate where a person is: these are not the geographical coordinates of the caller, but the address of the base station that currently serves the subscriber – and we are talking not only about calls, but also access to the Internet from a mobile phone (group members sometimes communicated via WhatsApp). Therefore, hereinafter, we are talking about the area in which the person was, if there is no additional information about his whereabouts.

Eskerkhanov lives with the main part of the group in an apartment on 46 Veernaya Street.

12:41 February 26, 2015

Nemtsov is being followed by people with “combat cells”

One of the members of the group is at the “Park Pobedy” metro station and uses “Combat Cell No. 4” to call the “combat cell” that Anzor Gubashev apparently used. [The investigation was able to prove this thanks to the mistake of Anzor Gubashev, who once inserted his own SIM card into this secret phone.]

Investigators use the term “combat cells” to refer to the devices that the group bought specifically for the purpose of organizing surveillance and subsequent murder. As a rule, it is impossible to say who exactly used a particular phone at a certain moment.

During the preparation of the crime, the “combat cells” only made calls to each other, but a couple of times the accomplices made mistakes – in addition to Gubashev, who inserted his personal SIM card into the “combat cell”, after the murder someone called Zaur Dadaev from “Combat Cell No. 1” and “Combat Cell from Veernaya Street”. [Investigators found the device with this SIM card at 46 Veernaya Street, when Temirlan Eskerkhanov was detained there.]

The investigation identified several such cell phones, which the group actively used all week before the murder. Some of these phones have not been switched on since February 25 and therefore are not mentioned in our chronology.

12:44 February 26, 2015

An important role in the group was played by Aslanbek Khatayev – a person close to deputy Adam Delimkhanov

Aslanbek Khatayev received a call from the number listed in the phone books as “Geremeev’s Assistant Maria”. Later, Khatayev will still call another number, which belongs to Marina Girikhanovna Dmitrieva – in the phone books she is listed as “Marina SF, Assistant to Senator Sulim Geremeev”, “Marina Asst of St Duma Dep Adam” and “Marina Visa”.

Aslanbek Khatayev is another employee of the Shelkovskoy ROVD. Officially, he works in the patrol and inspection service, but at the same time he constantly lives in Moscow.

MIA operatives wrote that Khatayev’s real job was “escorting high-ranking officials from the government of the Chechen Republic.”

In Moscow, Khataev lives in the “Edelweiss” residential complex, which is located not far from the apartments on Veernaya Street. From May 2012 to February 2013, an apartment in “Edelweiss” worth 45-50 million rubles was registered for him. The former owner of the real estate was Razita Delimkhanova, who at that time was married to Adam Delimkhanov. [Adam Delimkhanov is one of the closest associates of the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov, the second most influential person in the Chechen leader’s entourage.]

Members of Delimkhanov’s family have two more apartments in “Edelweiss”: one is registered for Razita, the other for Delimkhanov’s mother Maryam.

In January 2013, Khataev, a police inspector from Chechnya, bought an expensive house in the Istra district of the Moscow region. He also purchased expensive cars. The investigation wondered where Inspector Khatayev got the money for these purchases, but he replied that all his income was transparent and indicated in his declaration.

In the phone books, Khatayev is listed as “Aslanbek Presidential Guard”, “Aslanbek Delimhanov”, “Aslanbek Edelweiss”, “Aslambek Financier” and “Aslambek and Adam”. In 2014, Aslanbek Khatayev applied to the bank for a loan and indicated that he was working as a driver in the Federation Council.

As part of the investigation of the criminal case on the murder of Boris Nemtsov, the investigation failed to interrogate Khatayev and only managed to forward their questions to Chechen investigators for questioning, despite the fact that the Investigative Committee apparently considered Khatayev as a possible participant in the murder of the politician. [Investigative Committee requested his billing data and collected operational information, his photo was shown to witnesses for identification among other participants.]

12:46 26 February, 2015

The last member of the group of killers arrives in Moscow

The plane with Beslan Shavanov lands at Vnukovo.

12:50 February 26, 2015

Zaur Dadaev is on Veernaya Street, he calls Beslan Shavanov and immediately calls back Shadid Gubashev – he has already arrived at Vnukovo.

Shavanov and Gubashev call up and meet. Gubashev calls Zareta Tsakaeva.

In court, Dadaev explained that he had sent Gubashev to meet Shavanov, give Tsakayeva the money for the ticket, and then bring the guest to Veernaya Street.

12:56 26 February, 2015

Boris Nemtsov is still somewhere near the “Ulitsa 1905 Goda” metro station and “Moskovsky Komsomolets”, texting and calling the editor-in-chief of Echo of Moscow Alexei Venediktov – Nemtsov wanted to place an advertisement for the march on Echo’s website and on the air.

12:58 26 February, 2015

Artur Geremeev and Ruslan Mukhudinov have arrived in the area of ​​the Evropeisky shopping center and the Radisson Slavyanskaya hotel.

Ruslan Mukhudinov calls Zarina Isoeva, a girl who was cleaning the apartments on Veernaya Street. During the investigation, Isoeva was able to identify many of the participants in the murder on video recordings. At the trial, Isoeva said that Ruslan Geremeev paid for the cleaning. According to her, even before the murder, in February 2015, he promised to break her legs if she found out something she shouldn’t and told it to anyone.

Ten minutes later, Artur Geremeev and Ruslan Mukhudinov drive back to Veernaya Street.

13:19 26 February, 2015

Temirlan Eskerkhanov calls Ruslan Geremeev: he, like Nemtsov, remains in the area of “Ulitsa 1905 goda” metro station.

13:44 26 February, 2015

Temirlan Eskerkhanov arrives by taxi at 46 Veernaya Street and goes inside.

13:53 26 February, 2015

A Mercedes pulls up at the entrance to 46 Veernaya Street. Zarina Isoeva and Artur Geremeev leave it with shopping bags – probably with purchases from Evropeyskiy.

13:56 26 February 2015

Geremeev and Khatayev constantly call up with Ali Aliyev – and meet in the President Hotel

Ruslan Geremeev is trying to get through to Ali Aliyev from Veernaya Street. He does not pick up the phone. Geremeev then calls Aslanbek Khatayev.

Dagestani Ali Aliyev is a person who is quite close to Khataev. On his social networks, Aliyev posted photos from the President Hotel and a photo from a friendly dinner with Aslanbek Khatayev. According to the data from Moscow Parking, Khatayev and Aliyev shared the same car.

Another car used by Ali Aliyev was registered in the name of Aslanbek Ismailov. In 2019, the construction company “Niiso and K”, which had previously belonged to Maryam Delimkhanova, the mother of deputy Adam Delimkhanov, was transferred to Ismailov. Aslanbek Khatayev was the director of “Niiso and K” until August 2009. From 2008 to 2011, Aliyev indicated his place of work on social networks as the State Duma.

In the next three days, Aliyev repeatedly calls up with Khatayev and Ruslan Geremeev, especially often before the meeting at the President Hotel after the murder of Nemtsov. This text does not contain all the conversations between Khatayev and Aliyev.

14:01 26 February, 2015

Boris Nemtsov is still at “Moskovsky Komsomolets”, he gets a call from journalist Alexei Gorbachev.

Gorbachev recalls that Nemtsov’s voice sounded worried: “Everything is very bad.” Nemtsov complained that Echo of Moscow didn’t allow him to publish an advertisement for the “Spring” march and that Aleksey Venediktov could not do anything about it, referring to an employee of Gazprom-Media.

14:02 26 February, 2015

Marina Dmitrieva, assistant to Senator Suleiman Geremeev, calls Aslanbek Khatayev again.

14:08 26 February, 2015

Nemtsov walks from “Moskovsky Komsomolets” through Novinsky Boulevard to a house in Zamoskvorechye: during this time he calls Echo, answers a call from TV Rain, and at about 15:00 talks to Vitaly Ruvinsky, editor-in-chief of the Echo of Moscow website – they are discussing the placement of an advertising banner of the march on the site.

14:57 26 February, 2015

Ruslan Geremeev calls his brother Rustam, an officer of the Shelkovskoy ROVD, in Chechnya, and three minutes later dials Khataev.

15:21 26 February 2015

Part of the group gathers in Hotel Ukraina

A black Mercedes stops [According to the footage from the surveillance cameras] at Hotel Ukraina [aka Radisson Collection Hotel, 1 Kutuzovskiy Prospect]. Ruslan Geremeev and Temirlan Eskerkhanov get out of the car. Geremeev calls Khataev. Then Khatayev calls Ali Aliyev back.

15:36 26 February, 2015

Artur Geremeev is also in Hotel Ukraina, his brother Akhmed Geremeev calls him.

Ruslan Mukhudinov is also not far from the hotel, he calls his friend Ilyas Tsatsaev, a staff member of the plenipotentiary representative of the Chechen Republic in Moscow.

15:39 26 February, 2015

Ali Aliyev enters Hotel Ukraina, the investigation cannot identify him and describes him as “a man of Slavic appearance.”

Ali Aliyev calls Ruslan Geremeev twice – he is in the same building, but apparently they have not met yet. Half an hour later, Aliyev calls Aslanbek Khatayev, who is located in the Khamovniki district, on Rossolimo Street.

16:24 26 February, 2015

Anzor Gubashev is located in the area of ​​the Bolshoy Kamenny Bridge. Nemtsov is nearby, near the Krasny Oktyabr factory, he gets a call from the Izvestia newspaper.

16:40 26 February, 2015

Anzor Gubashev’s “combat cell” receives a call from “Combat cell No. 4”, the callers are at Pyatnitskaya, 25, not far from Nemtsov’s house – that is, Gubashev and the second member of the group are relentlessly following the politician.

16:49 26 February, 2015

Base stations locate Nemtsov’s phone in the area of ​​his house near the “Tretyakovskaya” metro station and the office of People’s Freedom Party, which is also in Zamoskvorechye.

17:33 26 February, 2015

Alexander Dmyterko [Entrepreneur Alexander Dmyterko was born in 1972 in Ukraine, was a co-owner of several construction companies in Moscow and Krasnodar. One of the companies where Dmytserko served as deputy general director is mentioned in the criminal case of the former head of the Klin district of the Moscow region, Alexander Postrigan. He sings under the pseudonym Darius Mirsky.] enters Hotel Ukraina, Ali Aliyev is waiting for him in the hall. The men greet each other and go to the restaurant. Ali Aliyev receives a call from Ruslan Geremeev, who is in the same building.

In a conversation with Mediazona in November 2020, Ali Aliyev claimed that he did not know Ruslan Geremeev, and that he knew Aslanbek Khatayev as a colleague at the Maloyaroslavets dry mixtures plant, where Aliyev was the director. He said that at Hotel Ukraina, he met with his “friend Sasha” [That is, with businessman Alexander Dmyterko.] to drink tea.

18:02 26 February, 2015

Ruslan Geremeev, Temirlan Eskerkhanov, Ali Aliyev and Alexander Dmyterko walk through the lobby of Hotel Ukraina. The men leave the building together.

Geremeev goes to 46 Veernaya Street.

18:12 26 February, 2015

Boris Nemtsov is in the area of ​​his house. He calls the driver and goes home, where he stays until 23:30.

19:16 26 February, 2015

Anzor Gubashev is on duty at Nemtsov’s house. From there, he dials “Combat Cell No. 4” from his “combat cell” – at that moment his unknown partner is already at the “Park Pobedy” metro station.

20:22 26 February, 2015

“Combat Cell No. 4” is again near the “Tretyakovskaya” metro station, its owner calls the “combat cell” of Anzor Gubashev, who is still near Nemtsov’s house.

21:35 26 February, 2015

Artur Geremeev is in the area of the ​​apartments on Veernaya Street and calls the housekeeper Zarina Isoeva.

22:49 26 February, 2015

Surveillance is suspended; Nemtsov leaves for the Moscow region

Anzor Gubashev returns to Veernaya Street, completing his watch at Nemtsov’s house.

23:21 26 February, 2015

Boris Nemtsov gets a call from TV Rain. After the conversation, he goes to the village of Benelux [Istrinsky district] near Moscow, where he stays overnight.

9:00 February 27, 2015

Morning on Veernaya street

On the morning of February 27, Ruslan and Artur Geremeevs, Anzor Gubashev and Zaur Dadaev meet in their apartments on Veernaya Street. Aslanbek Khataev is at home, on 3 Davydkovskaya Street.

Shavanov most likely spent the night at 3 Veernaya Street, where he was brought from Vnukovo. But one cannot speak with certainty about his movements: he uses a phone number registered in Chechnya, so his billing data says “in roaming” instead of specific geolocations.

Temirlan Eskerkhanov works at night – in the Duran bar in Presnya.

10:19 February 27, 2015

Dzhabrail appears

A man similar to Beslan Shavanov and Dzhabrail approach 46 Veernaya Street. It is unknown who Dzhabrail is and whether it’s his real name. At the trial, this man was only called by his first name. The lawyer of the deceased politician Vadim Prokhorov assumed that Dzhabrail worked for the FSB.

Zaur Dadaev said that Dzhabrail sometimes spent the night at 46 Veernaya Street.

10:20 February 27, 2015

From his home, Aslanbek Khatayev calls Marina Dmitrieva, assistant to Senator Geremeev. He then dials Ali Aliyev.

10:23 February 27, 2015

Artur Geremeev calls Beslan Shavanov. Then, Ruslan Geremeev calls him, and he again contacts Shavanov several times.

11:37 February 27, 2015

Ruslan Geremeev talks to Aslanbek Khatayev for four minutes, and ten minutes after that Khatayev calls Ali Aliyev.

11:51 27 February, 2015

Ruslan Geremeev tries to call Artur Geremeev, he does not answer.

Geremeev dials Zaur Dadaev several times, and finally he picks up the phone.

At this time, an unknown person approaches 46 Veernaya Street, he has a backpack on his shoulder, he is wearing a khaki jacket. He smokes at the entrance and after a while comes inside. The man in the khaki jacket will leave the house on 46 Veernaya Street after two hours.

At 12:05, the footage from the entrance camera at 46 Veernaya Street shows how Geremeev gets on the passenger seat of a Mercedes and leaves with Dadaev towards ​​the Memorial Mosque near Victory Park. On the way, Ruslan Geremeev tries to call Eskerkhanov, but fails.

12:46 February 27, 2015

Khalid Utsimiev, another policeman from Chechnya, arrives in Moscow

Aslanbek Khatayev is located near the Vnukovo airport and calls Ali Aliyev.

It is unclear whom exactly Khatayev meets at the airport.

At this time, flight ZG722 arrived from Grozny. Tickets for it were booked [According to data from the ticket booking system] by Sharip Delimkhanov, brother of Adam Delimkhanov and at that time the commander of the “Oil Regiment”, and Beslan Shavanov, his subordinate. In 2016, Sharip Delimkhanov became the commander of the National Guard in Chechnya. Razita Delimkhanova, the wife of Adam Delimkhanov, also booked a ticket for the same flight.

Khalid Utsimiev, another officer of the Shelkovskoy ROVD, took the same flight to Moscow. He held the post of commander of the patrol and inspection service, that is, Utsimiev is formally the direct chief of the inspector of the patrol and inspection service Aslanbek Khatayev.

12:55 February 27, 2015

Ruslan Geremeev calls Eskerkhanov from the mosque near Victory Park, he is not far from the Duran bar. Then Eskerkhanov calls Khalid Utsimiev, who has arrived in Moscow.

12:58 February 27, 2015

Nemtsov meets Anna Duritskaya at Shermetyevo

Boris Nemtsov goes from Benelux village near Moscow to Sheremetyevo airport to meet Anna Duritskaya, a woman he has a long-term relationship with.

13:20 27 February, 2015

Ruslan Geremeev calls Zaur Dadaev several times from the mosque in Victory Park.

13:30 February 27, 2015

Boris Nemtsov returns from Sheremetyevo, his daughter Zhanna calls him.

Zhanna is a journalist for the RBC TV channel, she invites her father to her colleague’s show, but he refuses and asks to say hello to Platon Lebedev. The former convict in the Yukos case summoned journalists, including Zhanna, to an off the record meeting.

13:31 27 February, 2015

“Combat Cell No. 4” is located in the area of ​​Ovchinnikovskaya embankment [Half a kilometer from Nemtsov’s house and the office of People’s Freedom Party.] and calls up Anzor Gubashev’s “combat cell” three times. He is also not far from Nemtsov’s house, near “Tretyakovskaya” metro station.

13:49 27 February, 2015

Ruslan Geremeev has moved to the Veselyi Babai restaurant on Berezhkovskaya embankment. From there he calls Zaur Dadaev and Temirlan Eskerkhanov, who at that time is located near the village of Voronki, Krasnogorsk district.

A minute later Ruslan Geremeev gets a call from Khalid Utsimiev.

14:11 27 February, 2015

Boris Nemtsov visits a bank on Bolshaya Ordynka, and 20 minutes later arrives at his apartment.

14:32 27 February, 2015

Zaur Dadaev arrives at the Veselyi Babai restaurant to meet Ruslan Geremeev.

14:45 February 27, 2015

Call from Adam

Aslanbek Khatayev is near his house. He receives a call from the number recorded in the telephone books as “Adam Delimkhanov”.

14:57 February 27, 2015

Khalid Utsimiev calls Ruslan Geremeev.

15:32 27 February, 2015

Aslanbek Khataev at 48 Kutuzovsky Prospect [Near the “Edelweiss” residential complex]. He calls Marina Dmitrieva, Senator Geremeev’s assistant. They talk for 5 minutes.

15:37 27 February, 2015

Temirlan Eskerkhanov returns from the Moscow region, arrives at Novy Arbat and calls up twice with Khalid Utsimiev.

15:38 27 February, 2015

Ruslan Geremeev calls his brother Rustam Geremeev in Chechnya.

15:45 February 27, 2015

The group constantly calls up with Utsimiev

Temirlan Eskerkhanov moves from Novy Arbat to Hotel Ukraina and calls Utsimiev.

Since his arrival in Moscow, this is the fourth call from Eskerkhanov to Utsimiev, and the head of the PIS for the Shelkovskoy district himself has called Ruslan Geremeev twice

15:50 February 27, 2015

Boris Nemtsov is in his apartment. He calls another organizer of the “Spring” march – oppositionist Leonid Volkov, they discuss organizational issues.

15:57 February 27, 2015

Zaur Dadaev and Ruslan Geremeev arrive at 46 Veernaya Street. On the way, Ruslan Mukhudinov calls them. According to the footage from the camera at the entrance, Geremeev enters the building with some sort of a bundle” in his hands [Investigator’s wording from the video recording inspection protocol]. Dadaev drives off by car.

16:33 February 27, 2015

Aslanbek Khatayev is in his apartment on Davydkovskaya, 3.

He gets a call from the number of Razita Delimkhanova, the wife of Adam Delimkhanov. Aslanbek Khatayev communicated with this subscriber 107 times from October 2014 to March 7, 2015.

16:39 27 February, 2015

Ruslan Mukhudinov returns from Udaltsova Street to the area of ​​apartments on Veernaya and immediately leaves for Hotel Ukraina.

16:58 February 27, 2015

According to billing data, Zaur Dadaev is on Veernaya Street. Khalid Utsimiev calls him too.

Khalid Utsimiev, like Khatayev, could not be interrogated in Moscow, they were interrogated by investigators in Chechnya.

Utsimiev explained that Temirlan Eskerkhanov is his close friend since childhood, he communicated with Ruslan and Artur Geremeev as colleagues in the police service and as fellow countrymen – they all come from the Shelkovskoy district. He also knows Aslanbek Khatayev as a colleague, and Ruslan Mukhudinov – as the driver of Ruslan Geremeev. They did not ask him about Zaur Dadaev, and he himself did not say his name.

Since October 2014 [According to the investigation, the surveillance of Nemtsov began in October 2014. The investigation also requested billing data only from that date – therefore, it is impossible to judge how often the defendants called up until that time.] Eskerkhanov, Ruslan and Artur Geremeevs, Zaur Dadaev and Ruslan Mukhudinov regularly called up Khalid, there were about 300 calls in total.

17:26 27 February, 2015

Ruslan Geremeev calls Temirlan Eskerkhanov. After 7 minutes he enters the house at 46 Veernaya Street. In court, a witness identified Eskerkhanov on the video, saying that he entered with a friend. It is clear from the footage of the entrance camera that Eskerkhanov arrived with Utsimiev.

17:33 27 February, 2015

Surveillance of Nemtsov continues

“Combat Cell No. 4” is in the area of ​​Nemtsov’s apartment near “Tretyakovskaya” metro station. The subscriber calls the “combat cell” of Anzor Gubashev, who is located in the same area, several times.

18:15 February 27, 2015

Nemtsov is in the area of ​​his apartment, he receives four calls from The New Times magazine.

18:26 27 February, 2015

The members of the group constantly get caught on entrance cameras on Veernaya Street

Ruslan Mukhudinov enters 3 Veernaya Street and leaves in five minutes.

In the materials of the investigation, there is footage from two entrance cameras: one on 46 Veernaya Street and one on 3 Veernaya Street. The first was accepted by the court as evidence, the second was not considered. There are several reasons why the footage from this camera should be treated with caution: firstly, there is no timecode on it, and the time of the events is reconstructed only approximately with a margin of about 15-20 minutes.

The second flaw of this camera footage is much worse: it is known that it is incomplete, the camera was turned off for maintenance for some time. The quality of the recording and the absence of timecodes do not allow us to tell which fragments are missing.

We use data from this camera in cases where the fact is confirmed by billing data or events from another footage – from 46 Veernaya Street.

18:28 February 27, 2015

Aslanbek Khatayev is in Lefortovo district, he calls Ruslan Geremeev, who is on Veernaya Street.

18:38 27 February, 2015

Ruslan Mukhudinov enters 46 Veernaya Street.

18:44 27 February, 2015

Aslanbek Khatayev is located between Taganka and Lefortovo, he receives a call from Turpal Kuchiev, an assistant to Adam Delimkhanov. The conversation lasts 14 minutes.

Aslanbek Khatayev communicated with this subscriber 91 times from November 2014 to March 6, 2015, and had 14 more calls with Ruslan Geremeev.

19:21 February 27, 2015

Ruslan Geremeev is still at 46 Veernaya Street. He calls Artur Geremeev, who is located near “Novogireevo” metro station.

19:48 February 27, 2015

Mukhudinov and three others leave 46 Veernaya Street, one of them is a teenager. The group reaches the parked cars, after which the teenager returns to the entrance. A minute later Temirlan Eskerkhanov leaves the house. He gets into a black Mercedes, the car drives off. The car moves through Vasilisa Kozhina Street along Kutuzovsky Prospekt to Hotel Ukraina.

According to the billing data, it is clear that apart from Mukhudinov and Eskerkhanov, Ruslan Geremeev is also sitting in the car.

19:55 February 27, 2015

Boris Nemtsov’s last broadcast

Boris Nemtsov arrived at Echo of Moscow on Novy Arbat Street. In 5 minutes the program “2015” will begin, hosted by Ksenia Larina and Vitaly Dymarsky.

“The most important reason for the crisis is that Putin launched an insanely aggressive policy of war with Ukraine that is lethal for our country and for many citizens. The presence of Russian troops there has been documented” – Nemtsov said.

20:11 27 February, 2015

Ruslan Geremeev, Ruslan Mukhudinov and Temirlan Eskerkhanov are at Hotel Ukraina.

21:15 February 27, 2015

Nemtsov comes to the parking lot after the broadcast on Echo. The politician goes to his apartment, calls Duritskaya and asks the driver to take him to GUM.

21:44 February 27, 2015

Nemtsov is being watched near GUM

The driver drops Nemtsov off at the Bolshoy Moskvoretsky Bridge, six seconds later ZAZ Chance passes there.

Boris Nemtsov goes to GUM to meet with Anna Duritskaya.

21:48 February 27, 2015

The last point in the billing data of Ruslan Geremeev on this day, next time he will get in touch only at 0:54, an hour and a half after the murder of Nemtsov. He is at Hotel Ukraina, Mukhudinov is next to him.

21:52 February 27, 2015

Nemtsov enters GUM and calls Duritskaya.

21:52 February 27, 2015

“Combat Cell No. 4” and Anzor Gubashev’s “combat cell” call up, they are both in the GUM area.

22:00 February 27, 2015

“Combat Cell No. 4” and Anzor Gubashev’s “combat cell” call up, both subscribers are at GUM.

22:08 February 27, 2015

Two SUVs, white and black, stop at the entrance to 46 Veernaya Street. Two men emerge from the white one, three from the black one. Among them you can recognize Ruslan Geremeev and Temirlan Eskerkhanov.

The men talk for a short time, then Ruslan Geremeev enters the building with Khalid Utsimiev. Eskerkhanov gets behind the wheel of the white SUV, two more people get into the black car, both leave.

While working as a driver, Temirlan Eskerkhanov drove a white Audi Q7.

22:15 February 27, 2015

At about 22:25-22:35 Ruslan Mukhudinov approaches the building while talking on the phone and goes in.

This camera footage is confirmed by a call: at 22:31 Ruslan Mukhudinov calls Artur Geremeev, who is located near “Vorobyovy Gory” metro station. After 25 minutes, Artur also arrives in the Veernaya Street area.

At 22:26 Eskerkhanov receives a call from Roman Gurarii, after which he drives towards Duran bar to Presnya.

22:39 27 February, 2015

Anzor Gubashev and Beslan Shavanov walk near GUM. [This is confirmed by camera footage and court testimony.]

22:46 27 February, 2015

Ruslan Mukhudinov calls Zareta Tsakayeva, who is in charge of booking plane tickets.

22:47 February 27, 2015

Artur Geremeev enters 3 Veernaya Street.

23:07 February 27, 2015

Temirlan Eskerkhanov calls Khalid Utsimiev from Presnya.

23:24 February 27, 2015

Boris Nemtsov and Anna Duritskaya leave GUM.

23:25 February 27, 2015

“Combat Cell No. 4” and Anzor Gubashev’s “combat cell” call up several times in the GUM area. The three calls are made at 23:25:30, 23:29:53 and 23:30:50 and last 49, 38, and 8 seconds, respectively.

23:27 February 27, 2015

Arthur Geremeev exits 3 Veernaya Street smoking. A minute later, a police car stops at the entrance, from which three police officers and a technical officer with a set of tools get out. On his overalls on the back there is an inscription “EKTs UVD”. [Forensic Center]

The police were called to Veernaya, 3 because of a domestic quarrel. In court, Zaur Dadaev claimed, referring to this episode, that he had an alibi: he allegedly not only remembered this scene, but also communicated with the policeman. However, Zaur can’t be seen in the video.

23:28 February 27, 2015

Nemtsov and Duritskaya pass by St. Basil’s Cathedral and walk on the bridge.

23:31 February 27, 2015

Boris Nemtsov is killed

Nemtsov and Duritskaya were walking along the Bolshoy Moskvoretsky Bridge. According to investigators, the killer was Zaur Dadaev, who shot the politician from behind six times. Four bullets hit the head, heart, liver and stomach.

Immediately after that, the killer jumped into the Zaz Chance, in which Gubashev and Shavanov were, and they left the scene of the crime.

23:35 February 27, 2015

Artur Geremeev is on Veernaya Street, he calls Ruslan Mukhudinov, who is also somewhere nearby.

23:39 27 February, 2015

Gubashev and Shavanov leave ZAZ Chance in Trubnikovsky lane between Novy Arbat and Povarskaya – they were caught on surveillance cameras. It is not known where Zaur Dadaev is, he is not visible on the records.

23:51 February 27, 2015

Paramedics arrived at the scene of the murder and pronounced Nemtsov’s death.

0:26 February 28, 2015

The first message about the death of Nemtsov is published by the “Moskva” agency.

0:28 February 28, 2015

Zaur Dadaev is on Veernaya Street. He calls Artur Geremeev, who is in the same area.

0:42 February 28, 2015

The assassins return to Veernaya Street

According to billing data, Anzor Gubashev is in the Veernaya Street area. During this period of time, the entrance camera records how Anzor enters 3 Veernaya Street with a bag on his shoulder and an open bottle in his hands. Two minutes later, he leaves the house without the bag. He returns again, looking back at the policeman who follows him.

A few minutes later, he leaves the entrance, talking on the phone. Dzhabrail comes out next, followed by Zaur Dadaev and Ruslan Mukhudinov. Mukhudinov returns and immediately comes out again, a car is waiting for him at the entrance.

In the footage from 3 Veernaya Street, the moment when Zaur Dadaev got inside the house is missing, but, as mentioned above, that camera was recording intermittently.

0:50 February 28, 2015

An ambulance arrives at 3 Veernaya street – the police are still dealing with a domestic conflict in one of the apartments. A few minutes before this, the senior of the police group leaves the house with a technician, they take pictures of the entrance and drive the car away.

0:53 28 February 2015

Zaur Dadaev, Anzor Gubashev, Beslan Shavanov and Dzhabrail arrive at 46 Veernaya Street. At the entrance, Zaur Dadaev realizes that he has no key and goes to the window. Judging by the billing, he calls Ruslan Geremeev, who throws him the key from the window. Everyone goes inside.

1:02 28 February, 2015

Keys and doors

Artur Geremeev approaches the entrance door at 46 Veernaya Street. He also does not have keys, so he tries to open the door by force, but fails.

It can be seen in the camera footage that the entrance doors in houses number 3 and 46 have their own characteristics: in house number 3, there is a weak magnet, and it is enough to pull the door with force to make it open. Apparently, this became a habit, as all members of the group in the video are constantly pulling the door at 46 Veernaya Street.

Artur goes to the car, where there are several other people, and communicates with them. An unknown person comes down to the men from the house. They enter the house together with Artur.

At 01:17 Artur Geremeev and the unknown person [Presumably Ruslan Mukhudinov.] leave the house, get into the car and drive away.

1:55 28 February, 2015

Ruslan Mukhudinov receives a call from Zaur Dadaev. They are both on Veernaya Street, but obviously in different apartments.

1:59 28 February, 2015

Ruslan Mukhudinov and Artur Geremeev come to the apartment on 46 Veernaya Street, talk for a few minutes next to the car in the parking lot and enter the house at 01:59.

2:02 28 February, 2015

Zaur Dadaev, Ruslan Mukhudinov, Artur Geremeev, Khalid Utsimiev and Shamkhan Tazabaev leave the house at 46 Veernaya Street.

Shamkhan Tazabaev is a former Chechen security official who until 2011 worked as the commander of an OMON squad. As indicated in the databases of the Moscow Ministry of Internal Affairs, Shamkhan Tazabaev is a cousin of the killed field commander Khamzat Tazabaev, whom the FSB accused of organizing terrorist attacks in Moscow in Tushino and on Tverskaya Street.

They get into the car and drive to 3 Veernaya Street, where a camera records them at the entrance.

2:57 28 February, 2015

The Investigative Committee opens a criminal case under the articles of murder and illegal arms trafficking.

9:26 28 February, 2015

Ruslan Geremeev in his apartment on 46 Veernaya Street. First he calls Aslanbek Khatayev, then he answers a call from Chechnya from his brother Rustam Geremeev, an officer of the Shelkovskoy ROVD.

10:12 28 February, 2015

Khataev books tickets and calls Senator Geremeev

Aslanbek Khatayev is in the area of ​​the apartments on Veernaya Street. He calls Zareta Tsakayeva, who is in charge of booking plane tickets. A few minutes later Tsakaeva calls back.

10:17 February 28, 2015

Aslanbek Khatayev calls Senator Geremeev, who calls back a minute later.

10:23 28 February, 2015

Zaur Dadaev enters 46 Veernaya Street.

10:34 28 February, 2015

Mukhudinov arrives at 46 Veernaya Street in a Mercedes and enters the building.

10:44 28 February, 2015

Mukhudinov, Anzor Gubashev, Beslan Shavanov and an unknown man leave 46 veernaya Street.

13:11 28 February, 2015

Aslanbek Khataev is on Veernaya Street and calls Ruslan Mukhudinov.

13:22 28 February, 2015

The beginning of the evacuation; Shavanov and Gubashev fly to Grozny

Ruslan Mukhudinov brings Beslan Shavanov and Anzor Gubashev to the Vnukovo airport. For this flight they also booked [according to ticket booking system data] tickets for Ruslan Mukhudinov himself, for Aslanbek Khatayev and for another brother of Adam Delimkhanov, Amkhat Delimkhanov.

13:28 28 February, 2015

Aslanbek Khatayev calls Zareta Tsakayeva from Veernaya Street.

13:46 28 February, 2015

Ruslan Mukhudinov, Beslan Shavanov and Anzor Gubashev are at the registration desk in Vnukovo. Zareta Tsakayeva is next to them, she helps them check in for the flight.

13:58 28 February, 2015

Aslanbek Khataev calls Ruslan Mukhudinov.

14:05 28 February, 2015

Ruslan Geremeev receives a call from Hussein Abdulmulimov, major of the “Sever” battalion.

14:41 28 February, 2015

Ruslan Mukhudinov returns from the airport to 46 Veernaya street, talking on the phone at the entrance. [The person he was talking to could not be identified, he is recorded in the phone books as “Musa”.]

15:05 28 February, 2015

Ruslan Mukhudinov leaves the house at 46 Veernaya Street and an hour later returns in a black Mercedes.

16:11 28 February, 2015

Calls to Senator Geremeev

Ruslan Geremeev is at 46 Veernaya Street. He gets a call from the number of Senator Suleiman Geremeev.

Ruslan Geremeev communicated with this subscriber 14 times from October 2014 to March 6, 2015, and had 54 more calls with Aslanbek Khatayev during this time.

16:59 February 28, 2015

Zaur Dadaev is on Veernaya Street, Rustam Geremeev calls him from Chechnya.

17:30 February 28, 2015

Ruslan Mukhudinov and Ruslan Geremeev go to the Botkin hospital in the Begovoy district.

17:34 28 February, 2015

Ruslan Geremeev calls Senator Suleiman Geremeev  from the Botkin hospital .

18:54 February 28, 2015

Aslanbek Khatayev calls Senator Geremeev from his house on 3 Davydkovskaya Street. Then Khataev calls Ruslan Geremeev, who by that time had moved to the center of Moscow to “Mayakovskaya” metro station. Next, Khatayev calls Ali Aliyev.

19:10 28 February, 2015

Ruslan Geremeev and Ruslan Mukhudinov arrive at Hotel Ukraina from where Geremeev calls his uncle, Senator Suleiman Geremeev. Two minutes later, Mukhudinov calls Ali Aliyev, and Geremeev calls his brother Rustam Geremeev in Chechnya.

19:38 28 February, 2015

Mukhudinov drops off Ruslan Geremeev at the President Hotel and drives to 32 A Leninsky Prospekt.

20:24 28 February, 2015

Ruslan Geremeev receives a call from Rustam Geremeev and then calls Mukhudinov, who has returned to the President Hotel.

20:44 28 February, 2015

Aslanbek Khatayev has moved to the Botkin hospital on Begovaya and receives a call from Ali Aliyev. Half an hour later, Aliyev calls Khataev again.

21:28 28 February, 2015

Ruslan Geremeev and Mukhudinov return to Veernaya, from where Geremeev calls Rustam Geremeev in Chechnya, and Mukhudinov calls Ali Aliyev.

21:49 28 February, 2015

Khataev and Ruslan Geremeev meet in the President Hotel

Aslanbek Khataev arrives at the President Hotel to meet Ruslan Geremeev.

21:56 28 February, 2015

Dzhabrail enters 3 Veernaya Street. He habitually pulls on the door – because of the weak magnet, it can be opened without a key.

After 30 seconds, he leaves, followed by Artur Geremeev with his hands busy. A minute later Dzhabrail returns to the entrance and this time goes out with Ruslan Mukhudinov and an unknown person with a bag on his shoulder.

The unknown person and Dzhabrail get into Artur’s car, Dzhabrail takes the front passenger seat. They leave.

22:04 28 February, 2015

Ruslan Mukhudinov is near the house of Aslanbek Khatayev, from where he calls Ali Aliyev and then Khatayev himself.

22:09 28 February, 2015

Artur Gereemev leaves Moscow

Artur Geremeev is in the Victory Park area. He calls his brother Akhmed Geremeev. They talk for less than a minute, after which Artur Geremeev leaves Moscow for Chechnya by car.

22:24 28 February, 2015

Ruslan Mukhudinov and Zaur Dadaev leave 3 Veernaya Street. Ruslan goes to get the car, and Zaur, with packages and a jacket in his hands, remains waiting at the entrance. Ruslan drives up the car, they load the things into the trunk and go to 46 Veernaya Street.

22:31 28 February, 2015

Dadaev moves to another apartment, he hides his face from the camera with a jacket

Ruslan Mukhudinov brings Zaur Dadaev with his belongings to 46 Veernaya Street in a Mercedes. Ruslan Mukhudinov is carrying Dadaev’s suitcase, Dadaev has two bags in his hands, he puts a leather jacket over his head so as to hide his face from the entrance camera.

At the trial, Zaur Dadaev explained that he could no longer stay at 3 Veernaya Street because he did not want to pay the rent for the new month, and Ruslan Geremeev allowed him to stay at his place. The prosecutor at the trial told the jury that the rent for the apartment was paid until August 2015.

8:02 1 March, 2015

Zaur Dadaev is at 46 Veernaya Street. He receives a call from a phone that, apparently, was also used by Anzor Gubashev. The day before, he turned on this “combat cell” in Vnukovo, and it moved to Chechnya with him.

10:10 March 1, 2015

Ruslan Geremeev receives a call from his brother Rustam Geremeev.

10:53 1 March, 2015

Call with the Senator

Ruslan Geremeev calls Senator Suleiman Geremeev.

11:11 March 1, 2015

From Veernaya Street, Ruslan Mukhudinov calls Zareta Tsakayeva, who was in charge of booking plane tickets. Mukhudinov has several calls with Zareta, dialing Zaur Dadaev between them.

11:30 March 1, 2015

Ruslan Geremeev is at the President Hotel and calls Rustam Geremeev. Ruslan Mukhudinov is also at the President Hotel at this time.

11:35 March 1, 2015

The investigation finds the killers’ car

Operatives find a ZAZ Chance car in Trubnikov Lane, investigators are examining it.

11:49 March 1, 2015

Ruslan Geremeev calls his brother Rustam Geremeev in Chechnya.

12:31 March 1, 2015

Aslanbek Khatayev has returned from the President Hotel and calls Ali Aliyev.

12:32 March 1, 2015

Ruslan Geremeev and Zaur Dadaev fly away

Ruslan Mukhudinov brings Ruslan Geremeev and Zaur Dadaev to Vnukovo. With them is an unknown man who could not be identified during the investigation. During the trial, the housekeeper Zarina Isoyeva said hesitantly that the fourth person’s name was Aslanbek, but Aslanbek Khatayev’s phone at that time was in the area of ​​his house and was calling Ali Aliyev.

Ruslan Mukhudinov walks in the front and heads to the airport, Ruslan Geremeev lights a cigarette and picks on his unknown companion. Zaur Dadaev also enters the airport. Ruslan Gereemeev smokes and actively discusses something with his companion, waving his arms. Then they also enter the airport. In front of the entrance, the unknown man throws the hood of his jacket over his head.

Ruslan Mukhudinov, alone with two passports, goes to the check-in counter, gets one boarding pass, calls Zareta Tsakaeva, waits until 13:20 and gets a second boarding pass. The boarding passes were registered for Ruslan Geremeev and Zaur Dadaev.

12:33 March 1, 2015

Ruslan Mukhudinov calls Zareta Tsakayeva, they call up several times within half an hour.

12:59 March 1, 2015

While Mukhudinov is dealing with the boarding passes, Ruslan Geremeev calls Senator Suleiman Geremeev from Vnukovo.

13:02 March 1, 2015

Call from a “combat cell” to Dadaev

Zaur Dadaev receives a call from the subscriber “Combat Cell from Veernaya Street” [Investigators found a device with this SIM card at 46 Veernaya Street, when Temirlan Eskerkhanov was detained there.] They call up several times.

13:06 March 1, 2015

Ruslan Mukhudinov calls the housekeeper Zarina Isoeva and then calls Zareta Tsakayeva once again.

13:16 March 1, 2015

Ruslan Geremeev is trying to get through to Artur Geremeev, who is traveling to Chechnya by car and at that moment is in Stavropol Krai.

13:42 March 1, 2015

Ruslan Mukhudinov leaves Vnukovo.

14:10 March 1, 2015

Ruslan Geremeev is in Vnukovo, his brother Rustam Geremeev calls him.

14:13 March 1, 2015

Ruslan Mukhudinov calls the realtor and agrees on how to return the keys to the rented apartment on 3 Veernaya Street.

14:17 March 1, 2015

Ruslan Geremeev calls Senator Suleiman Geremeev twice. These are his last calls from Moscow.

14:39 March 1, 2015

Aslanbek Khatayev is at his house, a subscriber recorded as Adam Delimkhanov calls him.

15:54 March 1, 2015

Artur Geremeev calls Ruslan Mukhudinov while driving to Chechnya through Stavropol Krai.

16:05 March 1, 2015

Aslanbek Khatayev receives a call from Rustam Geremeev.

17:36 March 1, 2015

The plane with Ruslan Geremeev and Zaur Dadaev lands in Grozny. Geremeev immediately receives a call from his brother Rustam.

18:17 March 1, 2015

Ruslan Mukhudinov is at the Victory Park. He calls the assistant to the chief federal inspector for the Chechen Republic, Vladimir Afonin. Previously, Afonin held the post of military commandant – first deputy commander of the group of forces for counter-terrorist operations in the North Caucasus of the Internal Troops of MVD. Now he is a retired lieutenant general of the National Guard.

At that time, Ruslan Geremeev, Zaur Dadaev and Beslan Shavanov remained active servicemen of the Internal Troops.

18:56 March 1, 2015

Ruslan Geremeev, who has returned to Grozny, receives a call from his senator uncle

Ruslan Geremeev is in Grozny, he receives a call from Senator Suleiman Geremeev.

19:03 March 1, 2015

Ruslan Mukhudinov is at 19 Novy Arbat. He receives a call from Ali Aliyev, then calls Aslanbek Khatayev.

19:45 March 1, 2015

Artur Geremeev has reached Chechnya by car. Aslanbek Khatayev calls Rustam Geremeev from home.

19:57 March 1, 2015

Ruslan Geremeev is in Dzhalka, the ancestral village of the Delimkhanovs. He calls his brother Rustam.

20:01 March 1, 2015

Aslanbek Khatayev is at home, he receives a call from the number of Adam Delimkhanov’s wife.

20:03 March 1, 2015

Business jet for Delimkhanov’s wife

Aslanbek Khatayev calls the Lux-Jet company, which is engaged in the lease of private jets. After that, Khataev calls back to the number of Delimkhanov’s wife.

12:24 March 2, 2015

Policeman Utsimiev also flies to Grozny

During the day, Khalid Utsimiev calls Ruslan Mukhudinov several times, after which Mukhudinov leaves Veernaya Street and goes to Vnukovo airport, and Utsimiev flies from Vnukovo to Grozny on a daytime flight. Upon arrival in Grozny, Khalid calls Zaur Dadaev.

On the night of March 2–3, Shadid Gubashev leaves for Chechnya by car.

14:29 March 3, 2015

Mukhudinov, the organizer of the murder according to the Investigative Committee, also flies away

Ruslan Mukhudinov flies from Vnukovo airport to Grozny. Of the main members of the group, only Eskerkhanov and Khatayev remain in Moscow, but the investigation is not interested in the latter.

09:00 24 September 2020

Aftermath. Five years later

Zaur Dadaev, the Gubashev brothers, Temirlan Eskerkhanov and Khamzat Bakhaev were convicted of their participation in the murder of politician Boris Nemtsov. Beslan Shavanov died during the attempt to detain him – according to the official version, he got blown up by his own grenade.

The investigation named Ruslan Mukhudinov as the sole organizer and customer of the murder of Boris Nemtsov. Mukhudinov has been put on the international wanted list. In 2020, a person similar to Ruslan Mukhudinov got into a photo posted by a representative of the Geremeev family, the photo was taken in Chechnya.

Ruslan and Artur Geremeevs disappeared without a trace. The investigation wanted to interrogate them, but no one opened the door of the house at the place of their registration. Aslanbek Khatayev moved to live with his family in the Chechen village of Dzhalka – the family seat of the Delimkhanovs. The investigators were unable to interrogate Khatayev personally and sent questions to the Chechen investigators – however, this was the case with all the witnesses living in Chechnya.

The brothers Delimkhanov, Suleiman and Rustam Geremeev were not interrogated by the investigation. Only Alibek Delimkhanov was summoned to the court as a witness.

Ali Aliyev, who lives in Moscow, was not even questioned as a witness.

On the fifth anniversary of the murder of Nemtsov, on February 27, 2020, Vladimir Putin signed a decree awarding Senator Suleiman Geremeev with the Medal of the Order of Merit to the Fatherland, II degree.

On September 24, 2020, Sergei Kiriyenko, a former ally of Boris Nemtsov in the Union of Right Forces and current deputy head of the presidential administration, presented this medal to Senator Geremeev, as well as the Order of Friendship to State Duma deputy Adam Delimkhanov.

Text: Mikhail Maglov (Scanner Project), Zinaida Burskaya (Scanner Project), Dmitry Treshchanin (MediaZona)

Editors: Dmitry Treshchanin (MediaZona), Egor Skovoroda (MediaZona)

Map and data: Kirill Kheifets, David Frenkel

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